Saturday, July 28, 2012

And They're Off and

Running their blog . . .

This is about the Olympics, which started yesterday. You'll just have to wait a minute for it to get here.
I think I've finally realized that writing a blog is a way for a writer, who appears to be completely dead when you poke her with a stick, to continue writing. Not a bad deal, actually. Botox for the brain. A quickie "see, I'm still here!" brainlift. A quick trip to the Keyboard Clinic of Restorative Beauty.

Speaking of cosmetic surgery, I find I can barely look at older women on American TV anymore. Other than the brave women appearing on a few "nonfiction" shows like "Washington Week" on PBS, most older TV women have faces so distorted by wretched cosmetic efforts to not look wretched and distorted, that, well, as a viewer I instantly reject them. I don't feel good about this--I know what they are up against. But if I watch a British show, the older women just look like the older women I encounter daily in ordinary life (including the face that for some reason I see in the mirror every morning when I wake up.) I just relax and enjoy the show and don't think OMG what did they DO to their face?

Just saying.

I think one of the great things about the Olympics is that none of the female competitors has had any work done to her face. Yet. Of course, I might be wrong, though I imagine hitting the water at a hundred miles an hour (or however fast a high diver hits the water) might render a cosmetic job moot. I can't vouch for boob lifts, but it seems to me that most of the Olympic women don't tend to have big ones. The beach volley ball women seem to be more about magnificent fannies. Anyway, the virgin skin of the Olympic women is refreshing. Though it's also true that none of them has yet seen fifty. Which I suppose renders my entire point moot, and yet I still make it.

And speaking of the Opening Ceremonies, I loved the way the pastoral scenes transformed so dramatically into the forbidding factories of the industrial age. Very effective, and very determined in making the point that the sweat of the common man and woman, i.e., the workers, made the industrial age possible. Something people tend to forget, at least in the good ole USof A.

Oh, and did I mention that in my non-writing life I'm a public employee? Who knew I would grow up to be public enemy #1? Although it is also true that I am not an Olympic competitor and have not used Botox. I leave the rest to your imagination. And to mine.


  1. I, too, abhor the weird, alien look of many American actresses as they attempt to combat aging with surgery. I understand why they feel the need to do it but hell, it doesn't even make them look good most of the time. Watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel recently it was to refreshing to see the older female actresses looking older and attractive in a much more natural way.

    Speaking of the Olympics, I recorded the opening ceremony and it cut off just before the flame was lit. Arghh. So I missed that bit and Paul McCartney.

  2. I went to bed after the flame went zooming up the Thames so I didn't see Paul McCartney either. My eyelids could only stay open so long.

    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is on my must-see list. I've heard it's quite pleasant.

  3. I like what you say about blogs being a way for writers who seem to be inactive to continue writing. Maybe I should return to my own abandoned blog...

  4. Kit, I think returning to your abandonned blog is an excellent idea! You are such good writer, I am always eager to read you. I, myself, am trying to poke myself back to life.